Here are a few examples of etchings I have made. I enjoy screen-printing and mono-printing. I shall add some examples of those later.

My interest in the juxtaposition of opposites continues in the series of etched prints ‘There may be trouble ahead’. Here the fluid line of the dancer is set against a pixelated trace of a sound wave.

‘Sugar’ is the start of a series experimenting with this technique.

As a child, I grew up with Chinese and Japanese prints in the house. I have always been attracted to the elegance of them. In ‘Waltzing’ I have tried to capture something of that feel.

Screen prints

This year I have been a Print Fellow at the University of Northampton. This has given me the opportunity to push the boundaries of screen printing as well as making 4 colour separation images in the m…

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There may be trouble ahead, 2016

Image size 15 x 15cm These prints are inspired by the song from the film ‘Let’s Face the Music and Dance.’ Visually the lyrical outline of the dancer is set against the pixilated ima…

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Sugar, 2016

Image size 20.5 x 15cm   This etching was made using the sugar-solution technique. I was going for overlapping spiralling lines and this is what happened.

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Waltzing, 2016

Image size 20.5 x 15cm This woodland plant grows in clumps which reminded me of dancers pirouetting. These prints are influenced by Japanese prints seen in my youth.

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