The Mulberry Bush, 2017


On walking into the installation, you sit or stand and hear the sound of soft singing. Several voices, hidden from view, can be heard. The sounds blend so that it is not easy to hear what is being sung in this almost enclosed space. The comfortable chair out of sight of the entrance. It is the sort of chair you might find in a home, in a coffee shop or in a private clinic. The walls and ceiling of the space are made from a soft, semi-opaque material. It has the feel of being a nurturing, safe space.


From my own experiences and reading the words of women in similar and different situations I realise I am not the only person to feel diametrically opposite emotions at the same time. I am not the only person who has been offered a quick fix for of a difficult situation. The question is, will the quick solution bring you the outcome you are looking for?

This work was facilitated by the writings of women who have undergone a termination of pregnancy. It is their stories that have been used here. It has been said, the song ‘Here we go round the Mulberry Bush’ was first sung in Wakefield’s Women’s Prison. In the exercise yard was a Mulberry Tree.