Will you join them? 2016

Drawing 320 x 300 cm

The first thing that strikes you as you approach this work is the deep black shapes that are reminiscent of something but maybe you don’t know quite what. The shapes together would be large enough to swallow you up. As you get closer to the work you notice a grid pattern of rounded-top squares and pointed-top squares. In each square is a name or a person or a family. In some squares dead and dying flowers are drawn. This is a graveyard.

When I first heard the definition of Internecine (mutually destructive) it reminded me of the kid’s movie ‘War Games’ from the 1980s. To save the day a computer is taught to play ‘tic, tac, toe’ (noughts and crosses). The format of noughts and crosses brought to mind the graveyards I’d seen in mountainous places that look like blocks of flats.

Starting with this I then reflected on the many inter-familial feuds that have raged over the centuries. I began to wonder, ‘What did they gain from their feud in the end?’

In the end, does anyone win?